Clerk of the court

It seems to me that 4T was created especially for us, court clerks. For many years we have manually reprinted the entire course of the court session, the evidence provided by the parties to the dispute in audio format, because the court considers their contents in the form of text and will not listen to the recording. And all these materials are very common, and there is so much print work that by the end of the day, it just makes my fingers so tired from the constant typing.

This is not just an application, it is a salvation for us in this matter. Somebody send me a file with someone's conversation, let's say, I no longer listen to it for hours, I do not retype the entire contents of the conversation, but I simply upload it to 4T and in a minute I have a ready text document in my hands, in which the speech is broken down by the speakers, and I need just print the file and may be still correct the punctuation. It happens that the speech is slurred, and the artificial intelligence doubts the correctness of the word, then I see that it is marked in the text, I immediately turn on the audio automatically right at the place where this word was pronounced, and I can check the accuracy of the transcription. This is the most convenient, you do not need to look for this moment in the entire message yourself. You spend 10-15 minutes on all the work, instead of a few hours.

And in order not to print the entire course of the meeting, I turn on the recorder during the process, then in two minutes I translate the file into text, correct the punctuation and go to drink coffee. While my colleagues are busy rewriting the recording by hand. The main task is to make sure that the battery is fully charged before the meeting, and the phone does not turn off in the middle of the process, the application does the rest. Just in case, I put a recording on a regular dictaphone, so that in case the phone breaks down at an inopportune moment, I have a file with the recording. It is convenient that the application works with various formats of audio files, so I am sure that the file will be loaded and processed anyway.I can even work with files in foreign languages, the application will automatically recognize the source language of the file, and it can also transcribe the content into any language I need.

And yet, but this is already a personal convenience, during the process, sometimes audio messages from friends or parents may come, then I use subtitles, and I can read what they wanted to tell me without waiting for a break. It is very comfortable.

My colleagues asked me, for a long time, how I managed to speed up the work so much, I of course shared my secret with them. Now 4T is the beloved assistant for all of us. And the work has completely moved to a new level, because (it is for our profession) that 4T does a lot, and significantly optimizes the entire work process.