Hi, I'm Max and I'm a student. More recently, I was constantly tired at the institute, so much that there was no energy left for my hobby, and I love football. 1st year is difficult, because you have to get used to a huge number of lectures, and I try to keep up with everything. I had to rewrite notes for hours, and if you missed a lesson, then you will lose another two hours to listen to the lecture from the very beginning and also rewrite it.

I recently met Philip, he is a 3rd year student and does everything, even works in his free time. I asked him: “How do you do this? What's the trick? ' And he told me a lot: about teachers, about various things, and about 4T. I decided to give it a try and here's my day now :)

I got ready for class and decided to take the subway. It is very noisy in the carriage, and then an audio message came from the head of the group, maybe the classes have been rescheduled? I try to listen, not a word is heard, only a hum. I remembered what Philip said about 4T, something about subtitles. Let's try. Oh, cool, I see everything that was in the audio message directly in the form of text, unusual, but convenient. Yes, the headman says the class has been moved, and the lecture will be in another class room, even on a different floor ... If I hadn't read this information now, I would have had to look for the class by myself.

Now there will be a class with the fastest speaking teacher on earth, usually, while I write one word, he has already gone far ahead, no one has time. Hmm, let's try a dictaphone .. So .. We turn on the recording .. It seems to have gone .. Oh, he said he will ask about the lecture, it will be necessary to prepare better. Now he will finish, it seems like there you can translate the record into the text, print it and I will teach. Yes, much faster. In an hour, I will phone the guys on Zoom, I'll go have a snack.

So, I turn on the camera, sound, everything is audible, great. I think to myself: 'Now, as always, it will start, they will interrupt each other, but there are so many important issues to be resolved, we are having a party, who will be responsible for what, I will again get confused ..'. So it is, the list has already been made, what should I buy there? I forgot again. It's good that I turned on the recording, now the text will come, I'll take a better look. Oh, cool, here the text is right on the roles, even found a place of controversy, you can see who said what while they agreed .. And here is my list .. Class. Philip is a genius, it's so convenient. In my opinion, and with a conversation, you can turn such a thing, next time I'll try.

I discovered another useful function quite unexpectedly - I was listening to a lecture by a spanish professor invited to the course, and could not make out anything, but it was a very important online training, and I really wanted to go through it. It's a shame that I didn't understand a word. I accidentally found a translation function, and the application immediately gave me the content of the lecturer's speech in my language. It's fantastic!

And by the way, I signed up for football, now I will have time for it.)