Office worker

Hi, I'm Polina and I work as an office manager in a company that provides legal services to medium and large businesses. I have been working for more than five years, and of course I am tired. From a large document flow of the company, which I need to distribute to departments, or send to clients. From endless interaction with some services and suppliers, from orders from the head and preparation of primary documentation.

The difficulty is always that there are a huge number of tasks, assignments, lists and information that I need to remember and convey, it is not always possible to fix it in writing, and something may 'fly out' of my head.

My friend, Sophia, is an assistant secretary at another firm, and she told me about a new application they are testing in the office. I liked its features so much that I decided to give it a try too.

In general, as I understand it, the application works with audio and text information formats, I have been testing it for two weeks. Now, I try not to forget about it at any opportunity, in order to quickly understand all the functionality, while I really like it. It saves me a lot of time, and I no longer forget about important points, they are always written down and at hand.

It takes a very long time to list all the cases where 4T came in handy.

I adapted it for personal communication, but here are a few working examples to understand the essence.

Every day, when the boss comes up and gives his personal instructions , I immediately turn on the recorder. The 4T is translated audio information into text right in the application, and in a minute I have a complete report on what is required of me. It is simply impossible to forget something in this mode. (The boss noticed that I didn't ask again anything, he said that he was pleasantly surprised.)

And once I received a request with a proposal for cooperation, albeit in a foreign language. Then the automatic translation function into my native language came in handy.

Or suppliers called me (there you can also record a dialogue), their product line has changed, they ask to convey the changes to the manager, list positions, approx. I wrote everything down, at the touch of a button in the application, translated it into text in a minute, spent another two minutes printing out the file and marking important places in the dialogue with a marker (for the convenience of the boss), took the text to the manager, after 5 minutes I already gave an answer to the supplier.

What about conference calls? I had to take notes of such meetings in order to provide the manager with a file with a transcript after the meeting, in which all ideas, solutions, tasks, and other important information were recorded. Usually, we used this format of meetings during the transition to remote work, or some urgent meetings could be held on weekends. I didn't need my camera, so I just turned on the recording of the conference and did the housework myself. After it was over, I sent all the participants a file with the contents of the meeting, where, by role, it was indicated who said what, to whom and what needs to be done, who and what promised.

It's really incredibly convenient, and I'm never ready to go back to the old format of work, where I had to do all this on my own, spending the whole day on paperwork, so that I had to stay at work longer.