User safety

What are users worried about when using services to process personal files?

The use of services for processing personal data, and transcription refers to just such forms, raises many questions from users about the security of this very data. And this is easy to understand, because a person uploads his audio recordings to the server, both from a dictaphone and telephone conversations, and the information inside can be important or contain a commercial secret, for example, when a business uses the service.

Such services work in different ways, in some applications the files are stored on the server, and you can use them later, in others - you are warned in advance that a conversation is being recorded, and you can transcribe it at any time after, respectively, it also remains on the server.

Why can the service use personal files of users?

For many, it will be no secret that artificial intelligence or a neural network improves its work in the learning process, and a huge amount of information is needed to train a machine to process requests with maximum accuracy. But, this method is too expensive, besides, the owners of such a service are liable for the use of personal data. Such a system can only be beneficial to those companies that need the user's personal data not only as processed material for the provision of the service itself, but also for something else. For example, the service can use them to build marketing or other analysis, as well as for the purpose of transferring them to third parties.

How 4T works

While creating the resource, we have foreseen such moments, and have chosen the optimal solution. The 4T neural network has already been trained and does not need user information to improve it. Moreover, all information that the user uploads for processing instantly goes to the server - processed in encrypted form - and returns to the user's device, while simultaneously being deleted from the server.

Important: If you delete a file on your device or cloud storage, you cannot restore it from the program. Our service does not store files. We value the right to the confidentiality of our users and their personal data, and we treat our customers with respect. The company does not sell, rent or transfer your information to third parties for advertising or other use.

All processing takes place simultaneously for hundreds of users, and all files are divided into blocks and encrypted in the moment, mixed, and collected back to the user device the same way, and the audio file itself does not participate in processing. Therefore, only the user himself sees both the source material and the processed one.

Due to the complete automation of the process, at no stage of the processing does a live person take part, which guarantees the absence of interest and interference from third parties.

Network protection

Through the use of multiple layers of security, including firewalls, intrusion protection systems and network segregation, we can be sure that our users' data is safe.