Audio from device

Download and transcribe audio from your device or cloud in minutes. You no need to listen to the recording several times and spend a lot of time on it. It can be anything: a recording of an interview from a voice recorder, a voice message, lyrics, and much more.

  • Importing from many types of files
  • High processing speed

The areas of use are huge: teaching, work, personal communication, improving your own speech, everyday activities, and much more.

Dialogues when making calls

Information in a dialogue carries something important for us, and it may turn out that it needs to be remembered or recorded, and the time and place is not suitable. Work tasks, shopping list, doctor appointment, important address, phone number, and more.

  • Automatic fixation of data in text format
  • Working with a file
  • Export text


You can record the information you need in audio format, and immediately continue working with it right in the application. Convert content into text, find the right moment by word, or send text through a messenger.

  • Recording information
  • Instant transcription
  • Working with a file

Conference calls

This can be webinars, corporate working meetings or planning meetings, online training, or just a dialogue with the person we need. Working arrangements for a project, details of an important lecture, or even training exercises. It can be anything that has a very important value for us at the moment, information that we need to record.

  • Instant transcription and recording of information
  • Search by word
  • Export file to device or messenger
  • Distribution by roles of speech of speakers, fixation of the order of speaking
  • A document with the fixation of oral agreements, tasks, reports, etc.

Working with text files

In addition to the standard text editor and text manipulation functions, you can use:

  • Text search
  • End-to-end analytics of a large volume of files
  • Fixation of speech errors
  • Marks in the text, synchronous return to audio at the right moment in the document

Subtitles in messengers

Get information from an audio message without listening to it. Find out all the information you need quickly and in the right format.

  • Translation of audio messages into text subtitles without listening to the recording


Automatic translation into the language you need, instantly, right inside the application. Get two transcription files: in the original recording language, which the neural network will detect automatically, and in the one you need.

  • Automatic detection of the language of the source file
  • Instant transcription into any user-selected language