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Fast processing of audio files

Streamline your workflow by translating audio files with assignments and other important information into text in a few minutes.

«I often receive audio files from my boss and colleagues. Now I don't have to listen to them several times to record all the important information.»

Recording important information to the recorder

You no longer need to jump from app to app to work with files. Record and process everything you need right in 4T.

«Everything my boss says - I immediately write to the recorder. This allows me not to forget the tasks set and to solve them with maximum accuracy.»

Recording dialogues during a call

Capture all important information from dialogs within the application. Now you do not need to have a notebook at hand during a conversation, all information will be saved automatically

«I talk a lot on the phone with my boss, colleagues and clients, and it is simply impossible to keep important information from each dialogue in my head. It's good that you can re-read and save everything I need later.»

Save the content of conference - calls

Conference calls allow us to be in touch with the team right from home. Do not lose important information and established agreements, the whole conversation will be saved in 4T.

«Previously, I was responsible for recording all agreements and assigned tasks during conference calls of the company, and spent a lot of time on this. It is especially difficult when colleagues interrupt each other. Now I just open the finished text file at the end of the meeting, make edits and send them to colleagues for execution.»

Use a full-fledged text editor right in the application

Make edits, remove unnecessary information, send to print and send files to colleagues.

«After any discussion, I need to check my boss's edits and print out a huge number of documents and decisions, everything that we transcribe in 4T is edited right there, in the appendix.»

Get information in a convenient format

If it is not possible to listen to the audio message in messengers during the workflow, you can use the subtitle function in messengers. Simple and convenient.

«I work in an office where there are 20 more workplaces around me, and it is forbidden to use headphones in the office. I used to have to wait for a break to listen to messages. Now I can read them at any time.»

Get more than just audio-to-text translation

Working in the background

Working with previously made notes

Working with audio messages in messengers

Conference calls

Frequently Asked Questions

Download the required file, create a recording from a dictaphone or enable the dialogue / conference call functions. Artificial intelligence will convert any of this data to text faster than you can listen to the recording. Next, you can start editing or exporting a text file.
No, the processing is performed exclusively by Artificial Intelligence; people are not involved in the process of transferring data from one format to another.
All types of files used for recording audio and video can be processed by the program.
Yes, 4T is multilingual and provides the ability to immediately translate the received text files and subtitles into the language selected by the user.
4T has high transcription accuracy, but there are conditions in which it can decrease, for example, poor quality of the original sound recording. In the place where the program doubts the accuracy of the definition of the text, it will be highlighted. By clicking on this place, you can listen to the corresponding part of the recording, and recheck the program.
We monitor the security of user data and use all possible methods to protect data transmission and storage.
User data is not stored on the service. At the moment of downloading the file, all data is collected in anonymized form and processed by a machine, then returned to the owner.

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